About Us

Mr. Kalpesh Veera

Mr. Kalpesh Veera

Mr. Kalpesh Veera is a certified Insurance and savings advisor with India’s leading Insurance providing company LIC. 

In his words, “My mission is to make my clients understand the actual cost of all his investment decisions in the event of any change in life circumstances.”

His sound advisory on developing a successful financial plan for his clients revolves around six basic principles or in other words his working plan includes six simple steps

  • Understanding client need & objectives
  • Gathering information
  • Analyzing the information
  • Proposing various solutions and alternatives
  • Implementing final plan as per client

Why choose me as your financial advisor

  • Sound industry knowledge
  • Varied range of products
  • Flexibility
  • Regular review of your financial products & needs
  • On time service

My commitment to you is that I will build a portfolio for you where you will not have to worry about anything related to finance in future.