Key Things To Check Before Buying Health Insurance For Senior Citizens

As the medical needs of senior citizens may differ from people of other age groups, it is crucial for them to check the coverage, what is covered and not covered, available optional features and add-ons,

LIC Q4 profit surges nearly 6-fold to Rs 13,428 crore; dividend declared

LIC earned net commission of Rs 8,428.5 crore for the last quarter of FY23, growing 5.4 percent over the year-ago period, and showing a massive 33.4 percent increase compared to previous quarter.

Important features of LIC's Jeevan Azad life insurance plan

LIC's Jeevan Azad is a non-linked, non-participating, individual, savings life insurance plan. This is a Limited Premium Endowment plan under which the Premium Payment Term (PPT) is equal to Policy Term minus 8 years.

4 reasons why you should review your insurance portfolio periodically

Insurance plans are beneficial to anyone looking to protect their family, assets/property and themselves from financial risk and losses. Rising inflation, increasing medical costs, increase in lifestyle diseases, uncertainty in climatic conditions are good enough reasons for people to protect themselves with a strong financial cushion.

Health Insurance Policy: Everything You Should Know

Know about Health Insurance Policy, its types, benefits and factors to consider while buying the Best Health Insurance Policy

Rs 2,000 notes withdrawn from circulation, RBI says will remain legal tender

The Reserve Bank of India (RBI) on Friday decided to withdraw Rs 2,000 denomination banknotes from circulation. The central bank said that all Rs 2,000 currency notes must be exchanged before September 30, 2023.

Critical illness insurance: 5 common myths and facts you must know

The Indian health insurance industry has seen massive transformation in the last few years. Post the COVID-19 crises, policyholders have turned their attention to the importance of having an appropriate health insurance policy.

How health insurance plans have changed since Covid 19: OPD, mental health, surrogacy, pay as you go and more

The Covid-19 pandemic was a wake-up call for both health insurance companies and policyholders. While it exposed the vulnerabilities in the healthcare system, it also offered the regulator an opportunity to eliminate many lacunas and add new features that can offer enhanced and adequate protection to health insurance policy buyers.

Health insurance: Ways to avoid claim rejection and handle disputes

Health insurance has become a high priority financial risk mitigation measure for individuals as well as families. Hospitalizations of family members during Covid-19 showed how grossly unprepared many were financially to meet hospitalization expenses.

Mother’s Day 2023: Why is insurance the best financial gift for her?

How do you plan to wish your mother this Mother’s Day? Mother’s Day would be observed on May 14 this year. Apart from the gifts and flower bouquets that you might consider gifting, why not buy her insurance to secure her health and future in the long run? It’s not surprising to consider gifting insurance to your mother.

HEALTH INSURANCE: Think before opting for deductible

If policyholders have higher income and can afford higher medical expenses, they can go for a higher deductible amount to lower the total premium payout.

Common Reason why term insurance claims get rejected

Facing a term insurance claim rejection can be distressing, particularly when the policyholder is the primary financial provider for the family. Although the policyholder might not be present to address a denied claim, it’s vital to understand and avoid common pitfalls that can lead to term insurance claim rejections.

8 reasons to buy a health insurance plan

The purpose of the health insurance is to cover the hospital bills and related expenses. Today, we will give you top reasons why you should buy health insurance today and should not depend only on health cover provided by the employer.

How much health insurance should you buy and when — an age-wise breakup

Considering the uncertain times we live in, health insurance comes in handy — irrespective of your age. Often, people make the mistake of underestimating the importance of getting insured in their early years, thinking that it brings value only in the later stages of life. However, no matter what the age group, unforeseen circumstances may strike at any point.

Things to keep in mind when buying life insurance policy after 40

Protecting future income is very critical at every age of an individual. Further, the protection needed also needs to be assessed periodically

You May Receive Income Tax Notice For These Reasons; Check Details

You should promptly respond to the income tax notice and provide all the necessary documents. Filing income tax returns (ITR) within the due date is mandatory to avoid any penal action by the income tax department. If your total earnings in a financial year fall under taxable income, then it is necessary to file ITR.

3 Important Things You Must Check Before Buying Health Insurance

Medical emergencies can happen at any point in one’s life. Rather than spending time arranging finances for bills at the last moment, it is always safe to have a backup ready. And, for that, we have health insurance. These insurance policies provide coverage for the cost of medical expenses incurred by an individual or a group.

World Health Day 2023: 3 things you must check before buying health insurance

World Health Day 2023: Innovations in health insurance have led to the inclusion of day-care and OPD expenses, and even the cost of preventive health checkups, in certain policies for a reasonably priced premium.